Graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with BA Hons (Dance) in 2009, Alice has

gained many contemporary dance experiences performing works from various artists

both locally and internationally. Upon graduation, Alice continues on her stage

performances with T.H.E 2 nd Company, being the first few founders/dancers that

started it. In 2011, she has even performed along with the main company dancers

from T.H.E in As It Fades, a work featured in Esplanade Theatre.


Along with the experiences that she gained, Alice has been very passionate to

impart them into others. She has been teaching ballet, jazz and contemporary in

Attitude Performing Arts Studio for more than 10 years, coaching her students

through examinations and competitions. Feeling the need the to equip herself more

to helping her students to dance better, stronger and further without injuries, she has

taken up Pilates. Since then, she believes that conditioning the body is the key for

not just dancers but anyone to have a better lifestyle with less injuries and better mobility regardless of their stage in life.