Singapore’s FIRST fitness outfit specialising in the management of Core & Pelvic Floor dysfunctions in women, the BodyTree Women’s Wellness team’s mission is to empower women to take ownership of their physical bodies and psychological well-being throughout the different phases of their lives.

BodyTree Women’s Wellness was created because we believe women need to support other women, share our stories and lend our strengths to each other without fear of being judged. It is our commitment to empower women to make choices that honour and nourish ourselves, our health and fitness, our whole wellbeing. BodyTree Women’s Wellness programs are designed to address the changes that happen throughout a woman’s life. Our fitness programs take into account the physiological changes and are tailored to support these transitions instead of resisting them. As women of different ages and various stages of womanhood, we are faced with extraordinary changes and challenges. While often sources of anxiety, they also provide unique opportunities for us to recalibrate, find ourselves again and potentially live a better life than we’ve ever known!

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