NABOSO® Mat for Personal PowerPlate®


Bringing you the same patent material used in all Naboso® products, cut in the shape to fit a Personal PowerPlate® allowing you to enhance your training by combining vibration and foot stimulation.

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Power Plate’s harmonic vibration stimulates the small nerve proprioceptors on the ball of the foot, creating an authentic environment to train the body proprioceptively, improving movement efficiency. The unique tri-planar vibrations Power Plate generates mimic a natural, dynamic environment, tapping into the body’s natural reflexive response to vibrations.

The baseline of what we focus on in this program is the
foot-to-ground relationship and it’s translation to functional movement, movement efficiency, and the body’s ability to anticipate load impact forces, which are naturally perceived as vibrations. The repetition promotes muscle memory, tapping into reflexive stabilization and subconscious neuromuscular co-ordination.


Naboso Technology is a small nerve proprioceptive mat which is designed to stimulate the nerves in the feet and hands. Based on surface science and texture research, the texture on the Naboso Mat matches that of the proprioceptive distribution and sensitivity of the feet.

Since the feet are the only contact point between the body and the ground optimizing the sensitivity of the feet and foot proprioceptors is key to reducing running-related injuries.

Throughout the Run Injury Free! Program some of the exercises will be done with the Naboso Mat on the Power Plate machine and others on the Naboso Mat alone.


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