Naboso® Standing Mat


Bring the unique, textured stimulation of all Naboso® products to your home, gym and office.   Wake up your feet, and wake up your body.   Perfect option for keeping the feet strong and stimulated when at a standing desk or working from home.   Use in the bathroom or next to bed to start your day by waking up your feet.   Integrate into your workout and reconnect to your foundation.

21″ x 24″ x 6.5mm

Recommended for: 

  • Optimizing foot activation when standing at work or home
  • Reducing foot pain and foot fatigue with standing desks
  • Standing barefoot exercises to achieve increased foot activation
  • Releasing and recovering feet at the end of the day


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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions54 × 61 cm

Small, Medium, Large, Extra large


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