“Nothing is more revealing than movement.” – Martha Graham


As a child, Tabitha has always loved how music and rhythm can inspire movement. Starting at the age of 8 in Jazz, followed by Chinese, modern and contemporary style dances, she finally began her ballet journey at a late age of 18.


Her affinity for movement landed her a place in Raw Moves’ pre professional scholars’ programme and was trained under the guidance of Mr Ricky Sim and Mr Ng Kin Wee. Tabitha was also training under NUS’s dance group, Synergy. However the rigours of training and rehearsals led to injury after injury, which forced her to place her dancing days on hold.

In spite of this set back, Tabitha was determined to dance again. A chance opportunity led her on a path of rehabilitation and understanding her body with Pilates. 


Tabitha is now the Managing Director of BodyTree Academy, Asia’s leading Pilates Training Academy. She is also a ballet teacher and a dance conditioning coach, but enjoys teaching both dancers and non dancers who are invested in taking charge of their bodies. In her free time she still enjoys attending contemporary dance classes.